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Feel the Coffee

Enjoy handcrafting barista quality coffee without fuss

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Great Coffee at Home

Iconic design and engineering lets you easily pull a perfect double espresso, the core of many coffee drinks. Ditch the electric pump and feel the coffee extraction. Great taste, great experience. Planet friendly.

Precision Grounds

ROK's easy vertical action is such a better feeling than horizontal mechanisms, with an incredibly consistent grind - whether espresso or cafetiere.
Enjoy gently milling those beans as they pop and release their lovely aroma!

Pour-over, Made Easy

Even extraction is key, and the W1 delivers twice as even pressure distribution as traditional V shaped filters. Forget geeky pouring techniques. Experience simple, quality taste.

Foam milk, Effortlessly

Flat white, cappuccino, macchiato ... adding frothy milk with that all important microfoam is no sweat with our cunningly engineered pump-action hand frother. Froth it up with just a few strokes.

Support & Accessories

We want you to keep making great coffee, year after year. We offer spare parts and other kit to help you reach Java Nirvana.

ROK Naked Portafilter on Wood
ROK SugarSpoon on Wood
ROK GC Conversion Kit on Wood

Robust, planet friendly ….

At ROK we engineer to last decades and minimise energy use. No unnecessary electric pumps or motors to wear out – instead harnessing simple mechanical advantage. No throwaway upgrade cycle, no wasteful coffee pods, and no wasteful packaging.

.... for your coffee journey

Instant coffee behind, ahead is a rich landscape ranging from supermarket grounds to dynamic independents, craft roasters and freshly ground beans from microlot producers, and that so called ‘God-shot’ of the true fanatic. At ROK we want you to explore this range, and stop over wherever suits you, before maybe venturing forth again.

More About us

Trusted by thousands for their morning brew

With over 20 years of experience delivering the best coffee it is no wonder that we have a dedicated ROK community.

I love this ROK coffee maker and the company's customer service. I recommend this company and its products without a blink of an eye.

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ondrej Madle
‍on trustpilot
10 Nov 2020

This is good, 5 stars, some great coffee being produced. Do make sure you use enough coffee 19g and get a good tamper and good grinder. It’s all about a compact puck with fine grounds to get back pressure needed, and when you do you will realise what the perfect cup tastes like. Seriously this is friggin awesome.

User icon orange
Mr. Physics
On Amazon
10 Sep 2020

I bought a Rok a few years ago and it has been wonderful! I love the look and feel of the machine, and the fact that it's all human powered. I just ordered the GC upgrade kit and look forward to many more happy years of using my Rok. You rock, Rok!

User icon green
‍on trustpilot
6 Oct 2020
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