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ROK manual milk frother next to coffee with foamed milk on wooden countertopROK manual milk frother next to coffee with foamed milk on wooden countertop

Frothy milk. Effortlessly

Flat white, cappuccino, macchiato ... adding frothy milk with that all important microfoam is no sweat with our cunningly engineered pump-action hand frother. Froth it up with a few strokes.

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First, heat your milk in a cup or jug. Some baristas prefer full-fat cows milk, but oat, bean, whatever is fine by us. Just lower the frother cylinder in, allowing trapped air to escape and let the cunning whisking disks to do their magic.


As you pump the whisking disks, you can feel them engage the milk to create fine bubbles. Fast, slow, short, long, its up to you to control the amount and density of foam – splatter free as all the action happens inside the cylinder. So feel free to let rip.

Want to froth your own quality coffee at home?

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Need some inspiration?

We want you to keep making great coffee, year after year. We offer spare parts and other kit to help you reach Java Nirvana.

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