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Water being poured into ROK W1 filter Water being poured into ROK W1 filter

Made Easy

Even extraction is key, and the W1 filter delivers twice as even pressure distribution as traditional V shaped filters. Forget geeky pouring techniques. Experience simple, quality taste.

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with a twist

The unique W shape eliminates the need for fancy techniques to achieve consistent, fabulous pour-over, yet doesn’t require specialist filter papers. Just take a standard 2-cup filter paper and use your finger to create the W shape. Simple.


Put the W1 on a mug or jug, and chuck in evenly ground coarse coffee (did anybody say GrinderGC?). Coffee folk also like to wet the coffee, allowing it to ‘bloom’, before a full pour of hot water. Feel free to experiment, you can't go wrong.

Slosh Over

No need for goose-necked kettles and the precision pouring needed for a traditional V1 pour-over. Simply slosh in off-the-boil water from any old kettle. Let it filter through and top-up as required.
The unique W shape achieves even extraction
without the gymnastics.

Want to pour your own quality coffee at home?

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Need some inspiration?

We want you to keep making great coffee, year after year. We offer spare parts and other kit to help you reach Java Nirvana.

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