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The checkout cart does not recognise that I'm in the US. How do I fix this?

We have been shipping to the USA for a good while now. If you are experiencing a problem with our website it may be worth using a different browser, or laptop/tablet, it may be also worth checking your IP address it set up for the country you are in.

Where do you ship?

We ship to the US, UK and all countries within the EU. We also ship to Israel.

If your country is not listed, please email for information or contact one of our distributors here.

Do you have a guarantee?

The metal parts of the ROK EspressoGC are guaranteed for 10 years. Non metal parts for 2 years.

If a part fails, email us a photo of the part together with proof of purchase and we will post a replacement to you free of charge. Labour charges are not included in the guarantee as all the parts are designed to be easy to fit at home and no specialist skills or tools are needed.

I have a Presso. Will the ROK portafilter fit my Presso?

Yes, the portafilter is compatible with your Presso.

Can I buy spare parts?

Yes, you can order them from the shop

How do I make great espresso?

Well it could not be easier! Follow these simple steps:

How do I produce great crema?

Crema is that lovely foam on the surface of an espresso which is regarded as a sign of good extraction. It's actually an emulsification of oils within the coffee combined with outgassed Carbon Dioxide.

Perhaps the most important factor here is to use freshly roasted coffee as it contains higher levels of CO2.

Arguably the next most important contributor to crema creation is pressure. We recommend our GC model (get the GC Conversion Kit if you have an older Presso or ROK model) used with finely ground coffee. The resistance you feel when pulling down the arms indicates this pressure.


What's the advantage of the Competition Screen?

The shower screen has very fine holes (300 microns) to reduce the chance of channeling. For more click here.

Why am I not getting enough pressure?

Our espresso machine is simple. There's a linear series of events that starts with hot water at the top-end to coffee at the bottom-end. The amount of coffee (dose) and it's fineness of grind that's crucial when using either our regular or naked portafilter. That's because it's the coffee itself that creates the pressure needed for espresso, not the holes in the basket.

If you feel only a little pressure when pulling your shot, then it's normally down to the coffee grind. If you are using pre-ground coffee try completely filling up the basket, tamping down hard and leaving 20 seconds between lifting the arms and pulling down. This 'pre-infusion' allows the grinds to swell. If you're using a grinder then try a finer grind. If you grind your beans, grind finer.

If all else fails you could get our crema-plus portafilter or crema-plus kit. Check out this video for more information.

How do I clean and maintain my EspressoGC?

To clean your ROK EspressoGC, simply remove the portafilter by turning to the right, knock out the coffee ‘cake’ into a bin and rinse off any remaining coffee grounds that may be left on the body. Occasionally wash with soapy water but do not put the ROK EspressoGCthrough a dishwasher. The salts will destroy the high quality finish.

Occasionally, you may want to maintain your EspressoGC more thoroughly. See video here.

See how to clean and polish the metal parts here.

How much bar of pressure do you get from the EspressoGC?

This depends a lot on how firmly you press the arms down. In normal usage expect between 5 to 10 bar.

How can I get hotter Coffee?

Pre-warm the portafilter - put it in a cup of boiled water for a few minutes (make sure the ROK EspressoGC body is warm and not out of a cold cupboard etc).

Warm up your cups with some hot water before you use them also. Check out our video here -

How can I stop the portafilter unwinding when I press down?

After some time there may be a build up of oily coffee residues on the surface of the silicone screen. This creates a slippery connection between the silicone and the steel basket. This can be solved by cleaning the surfaces with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. Drying the two surfaces before pulling a shot also helps.

Follow the step by step video:

Why should I convert to GC?

Simple. More consistent results, better extraction and easier crema.

Or watch our video below:

Does the ROK EspressoGC heat the water?

No - you will need to have access to hot water. At home this is easy – when travelling maybe just take a thermos flask.

Does the ROK EspressoGC need a particular grind?

The coffee grind should be specifically for making espressos. The grind should be fine. If it’s coarse, the water will pass through too easily so it won’t create enough pressure. If it's too fine it might be too dense and create too much resistance.

If your are looking for great grinds we suggest having a look at our ROK GrinderGC.

The ROK EspressoGC looks like the Presso I have seen before - is it the same?

Yes and no! The ROK EspressoGC began life as the Presso – but now it’s been completely re-tooled with 100% new parts for a sharper feel and it’s crafted from an alloy with 35% more tensile strength. The GC Conversation Kit will upgrade any older PRESSO or ROK.

Can the ROK EspressoGC produce a single espresso?

Of course you can. It's been designed to make a double espresso but using the supplied accessory spout you can make two single espressos.

It's hard to pull the arms down - why?

If the arms are too hard to pull down, STOP. The coffee might be too fine or tamped too densely.

Empty the portafilter and try one of the following:

  1. Use a less fine coffee.
  2. Tamp with less pressure.
  3. Try both 1 & 2 above.

What are the weight and dimensions of the EspressoGC?

Each ROK EspressoGC is delivered in its own shipper box w18cm x d18cm x h32cm

Total weight 2.35kg.

The ROK EspressoGC by itself has the following dimensions: w22cm x d13cm x h29cm

Weight: 2.1kg

How do I fit a GC conversion kit?

Watch our step by step video:

Why is my GC conversion kit leaking?

If the upstanding teeth on the silicone screen are not matched to the cavities in the body, then it can leak. If you run your finger over the circumference and feel lumps then try refitting it.

See our step-by-step video below:


What do the symbols mean on the latest black adjustment wheel?

These 12 symbols act as a guide for your preferred grind setting. To start, loosely tighten the adjustment wheel before clicking back to your preferred setting. Note the symbol directly below the central screw. If you then adjust this setting for another brewing device, you'll be able to quickly reset by repositioning to the earlier symbol.

The adjustment wheel unwinds without adjusting the burrs.

When the machine is new, the wheel can occasionally freewheel. If this happens, try jiggling the main arm. A click can be heard when it drops down.

How do I make the right coffee grounds?

Watch our unboxing video to get you underway

My adjustment wheel is stuck. What can I do?

The wheel may have been over-tightened. Follow our video to get it operational. If the main handle unwinds when the adjustment wheel is turned, then follow this video.

How do I remove the burrs?

We recommend that you simply knock out old grinds before adding new beans.

If you have disassembled the burrs this will help you:

My base has lost it's stickiness. What can I do?

This shows how to clean the base:

W1 filter

Does the W1 require special filter papers?

Some pour-over filters use expensive custom filter papers. We at ROK purposely designed the W1 to take generic, inexpensive papers which are readily available. Ensure you buy the simple cone shape paper in a two cup size. Size 02 for the Hario V60 works well.

Is Bamboo composite food safe?

Recently the Dutch food and product safety authority, NVWA advised to ’no longer use bamboo plates’. Ref

As the ROK W1 Filter uses Bamboo we felt it necessary to set the record straight. In recent years much has been written about Bamboo composite materials and their food safety. We chose Bamboo composite for good reason. Grown sustainably, Bamboo is a great carbon sequestrator, is stable and tough and if it eventually goes to landfill, it degrades naturally and is a good fertiliser due to its high Nitrogen content.

When we first researched this material we questioned its safety as a food contact material. Bamboo composites generally use Melamine as a binding agent. Melamine has been used for a generation for children’s plates and cups as it’s very durable. The latest findings indicated that some Melamine resins may leach Formaldehyde at higher temperatures.

So we set out to find and test a variant that we can be confident in.

The strictest standards are specified in Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and FDA’s CFR 21. Most tests for specific migration use 70 degrees C as a test temperature, but as the W1 Filter may be exposed to 100 degrees we specified our own test to meet and exceed a ‘foreseeable use’. We decided on 100 degrees C for 30 mins. Basically, boiling the filter in slightly acid water for 30 mins, then testing for any leaching. The permissible amount of Formaldehyde is 15 mg/kg. Our test result was thirty times less at 0.1 mg/kg. This gave us the confidence to continue with this material.

Why have you created the W1 filter?

We always strive to help people craft the best coffee possible.

Watch our movie below:

Zero Jar

I see there is a hole at the centre of the lid. Won't this spoil the seal?

Coffee beans and grounds release CO2 which should be allowed to 'degas'. Carbon Dioxide is 1.5 heavier than ambient air and when undisturbed will remain amongst the coffee inhibiting oxidisation.

I get coffee grounds on the O-ring when using Zero Jar with ground coffee. Is this a problem?

It's best to wipe off excess grounds from the o-ring with your finger. This will ensure the o-ring rolls upwards when inserting the plunger/lid.

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