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July 27, 2022
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Espresso : not just a hot shot

Real coffee taste is exploding beyond the classic espresso, cappucinno and latte drinks we love. Explore creative and popular coffee experiences, from Espresso Martini to Coca-Cola coffee.

It’s great to enjoy a classic espresso shot in a true Italian way (did you know if you ask for a ‘coffee’ in Italy they won’t ask you what type – you’ll get a small cup and an espresso), but that’s really only the start. No doubt you’ve already tried the wildly popular ‘Espresso Martini’, and hot espresso poured over ice cream is a long standing classic contrast of taste and temperature.   But there are even more subversive coffee drinks to try, such as making coffee with Coca Cola – yes, it shocked us just how good this ‘wake-me-up and refresh me’ concoction was. But don’t try it with an electric coffee machine. 

Dark & Stormy. Make a night of it !

  • Espresso Martini – voted the favourite cocktail on both sides of the Atlantic according to the New York Times, with a great backstory – created when a young model walked up to the bar at Fred’s club in London in the 1980’s and asked barman Dick Bradsell for something that would ‘wake me up, and then f--- me up’. Wildly popular on TikTok and Instagram, use a ROK to deliver the coffee punch with style that an electric machine simply can’t match. Our recipe is here.
  • Affogato al caffe – vanilla ice cream with hot espresso poured over it. Simple, delicious combination of flavours and temperature. And did you know ‘affogato’ means ‘drowned’? Says it all. Our recipe is here.
  • Off-the-wall – but strangely addictive. Try coffee made with Coca Cola or tonic, rather than with water, using the ROK. Just pour in the fizzy drink of your choice and pull your shot in the normal way. That’s something you can’t do with an electric coffee maker. We predict this will be popular when that assignment needs finishing, or as a refreshing non-alcoholic reviver with a kick. Take a look here.
  • Classic iced coffee. Simple and refreshing for those days when cooling down is top of mind. See our recipe here.

Checkout a bigger list of coffee recipes here. And let us know what you think – post it on Instagram @rokcoffee

Enjoy your ROK’s classic design, and the sheer pleasure of pulling down the arms to extract a wonderful espresso, and feel a bit of a warm glow that you are doing your bit to reverse consumer appliance insanity, reduce landfill and support sustainability.

The ROK espresso maker can be used with no experience and all styles of ground coffee, or you can adjust and tweak and refine to the heart’s content of the geekiest coffee geek or barrista. Either way, it’s the sustainable was to enjoy great café coffee at home. Wherever you are on your coffee appreciation journey, you can be happy that it’s as sustainable as it can be.

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