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September 6, 2022
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Sustainability matters

Making proper espresso at home, the base of most real coffee drinks, only requires a simple manual device that lasts a lifetime, not an electric machine whose business model ends in a trip to landfill

Sure, great artisan coffee like you buy in a cafe is on our mind, constantly, but not in a way that costs the planet. Hissing café style espresso machines are right for high volume café use – continuous boiling water and continuous pressure for hundreds of shots. But in the home you already have a super-efficient electric kettle, and arms to pull a lever – job done, absolutely no need for consumer appliance overkill.  And don’t even start us on the wastefulness of Nespresso style capsules.

OK, it takes a bit of ingenuous, patented, product design for us to make it so simple, but the result is no landfill or energy waste, and coffee as good as the best electric machine. Some might say better. 

The ROK espresso maker is a human powered lever espresso maker that will out live you, built on simple, timeless principles. Without motors or electronics, you’ll never find it in landfill. We use mechanical leverage to turn a small human effort into more than enough pressure to extract a perfect espresso. And as the name implies, it’s robustly engineered to last like a feature of the landscape.  

The ROK Espresso machine will typically last around 10 times longer than an electric model.

We use engine grade aluminium and stainless steel for the structure, and a glass reinforced composite for the single moulded pressure chamber that is as strong as metal. Crucially there is no electric pump or heater element to degrade over time or fail with build-up of limescale; no mandatory descaling maintenance or cleaning programs; no electronic circuits to fail. 

If we had made a car, we think it would have been like an early Jeep or Landrover – no-fuss robust engineering coping with all climates and terrains and clocking up hundreds of thousands of miles over decades of trusty use, with no fancy bits to go wrong.

Enjoy your ROK’s classic design, and the sheer pleasure of pulling down the arms to extract a wonderful espresso, and feel a bit of a warm glow that you are doing your bit to reverse consumer appliance insanity, reduce landfill and support sustainability.

The ROK espresso maker can be used with no experience and all styles of ground coffee, or you can adjust and tweak and refine to the heart’s content of the geekiest coffee geek or barrista. Either way, it’s the sustainable was to enjoy great café coffee at home. Wherever you are on your coffee appreciation journey, you can be happy that it’s as sustainable as it can be.

Take a look here at Lindsay Miles experience with ROK.

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