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September 1, 2022
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Till death do us part

With its extreme long life, the ROK espresso maker is the perfect gift for, well, a sustainable wedding. And real coffee is a ritual for a lifetime.

On that special day of life-long commitment, what could be better than giving a lifetime of special coffee moments, in a way that preserves the resources of the planet and doesn’t add to landfill? And let’s face it, coffee is going to be pretty necessary over the years.

The ROK espresso maker is a human powered lever espresso maker that will out-live you, built on simple, timeless principles. Without motors or electronics, you’ll never find it in landfill. Which is what happens to the cost-engineered electric espresso machines that are featured in so much advertising, and dare we say it, wedding lists–  with a typical life of perhaps five years, that’s at least 10 machines to landfill while the ROK carries steadily on. 

Real espresso, which is the base of all those café coffee drinks, simply doesn’t need a mini version of a café espresso machine in the home – after all, you aren’t looking to pull hundreds of shots a day. And don’t get us on to talking about wasteful capsule coffee makers. Our patented lever design allows you to easily and quickly exert the perfect extraction pressure, and you already have a superbly efficient kettle for heating the water. Read more about the sustainability of the ROK espresso maker here.

Beauty meets longevity

7 reasons for ROK being the perfect sustainable wedding gift:

  • It’s a sustainable gift for life - not a consumer appliance with built-in obsolescence
  • Perfect for all moods in that lifetime, hit-me-quick simplicity, or take-your-time crafting of the subtleties of tuning your coffee taste. A lifetime will undoubtedly encompass both.
  • Beautifully and robustly engineered, it brings a smile and a craft feeling every time it is used.
  • Reduce your impact on the planet – buy once, not a succession of coffee makers destined for landfill every 5 years
  • Avoid unnecessary electricity use – no electric pump, no inefficient warming cycle, no standby current
  • Free up your precious kitchen worktop – the ROK slips into a cupboard and doesn’t command a plug socket.
  • It’s a gift that won’t be forgotten, and doesn’t break the bank. Great bang for your wedding-gift buck.

We recommend our Explorer's Edition as it comes with all the kit you need to go from novice to expert.

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