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November 22, 2022
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Gifting thoughtfully

We all aspire to give meaningful gifts, with the ideal being a gift that keeps giving and that reflects the values of the receiver, whatever the season or reason for giving.

We think a lifetime of making great coffee, sustainably, is a great choice.

Gift-giving is such a strong and enduring part of human society, and deeply embedded in every culture around the world. We celebrate major milestones in our lives such as birthdays, marriages, education or job success. We mark meaningful events connected with our beliefs and historic events, from Diwali, Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah through to Thanksgiving, as examples. Our earliest records show gift giving was big in ancient times (did you know the tradition of blowing out candles probably originated in ancient Greek where the round cake symbolised the moon and the candles reflected moonlight, and the blowing out sent your wishes to the goddess Artemis on the smoke).

What these gift-giving opportunities all have in common is a desire to touch someone with a thoughtful gift. And research backs up common sense – the best gifts are the ones that keep giving, providing pleasure over extended time. And the greatest connection made is when the gift reflects the values of the person receiving it. 

This 20 year old machine is still going strong. Some love & polishing brings it back to new!

Which is why we think our ROK espresso maker and ROK coffee grinder are ideal thoughtful gifts. Built on timeless, simple principles, without motors or electronics, they should genuinely be in daily use for a whole lifetime … perhaps several. And it’s not just the daily pleasure of simply hand-crafting great coffee drinks, they also embody an attitude that rejects thoughtless accumulation of consumer appliances that end up in landfill every 5 years or so. Thankfully, it’s almost certain that the receiver of a ROK will feel good about doing the planet good.

Of course, no one wants to compromise on quality, especially in a gift, and you don’t have to. To achieve the best  artisan café style coffee in your home, it simply isn’t necessary to have a mini version of café equipment. Those pumps, heaters and electric motors are only needed if you are making hundreds of coffee drinks a day. Our patented lever operated design allows you to easily and quickly exert the perfect extraction pressure, and our grinder’s geometry and leverage ensures remarkably even grinding with gentle effort – nothing frantic. And of course, you already own a superbly efficient kettle for heating water. 

To make it easy, we’ve listed 7 reasons why the ROK espresso maker is the perfect thoughtful gift, and especially the Explorer Edition as it comes with all the kit you need to go from novice to expert:

  • It’s a sustainable gift for life - not a consumer appliance with built-in obsolescence
  • Perfect for all moods in that lifetime, hit-me-quick simplicity, or take-your-time crafting of the subtleties of tuning your coffee taste. A lifetime will undoubtedly encompass both.
  • Beautifully and robustly engineered, it brings a smile and a craft feeling every time it is used.
  • Reduce your impact on the planet – buy once, not a succession of coffee makers destined for landfill every 5 years.
  • Avoid unnecessary electricity use – no electric pump, no inefficient warming cycle, no standby current.
  • Free up your precious kitchen worktop – the ROK slips into a cupboard and doesn’t command a plug socket.
  • It’s a gift that won’t be forgotten, and doesn’t break the bank. 

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